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Dental Implants

Dr. Jack W. Behn has been restoring dental implants for over 30 years. He has attended hundreds of hours on continuing education on a wide variety of implant related procedures and has received extensive training by the nations top clinicians in the implant dentistry world. He is one of the most experienced dentists in the South Florida area and has aligned himself with an expert team of implant surgeons that place the titanium implants. The advantage of having one doctor to place the implant surgically and then have Dr. Behn to restore the implant is two fold. It allows Dr.Behn to choose the implant system which is best for each of his patients depending in their needs instead of trying to fit each patient's situation into one implant system. As well, it allows Dr. Behn and the implant surgeon he chooses for your particular circumstance to consult with that doctor and have two professionals involved in making treatment decisions which will ultimately lead to the best possible result for you, the patient.

Dr. Behn has received training in the full menu of implant application. Whether you just need to replace a single missing tooth or do several implants to allow you to stabilize your denture, he is more than able to help you. He has done many full mouth cosmetic makeovers using multiple implants to accomplish a beautiful new smile.

Be sure and watch some of the video illustrations included here to get an explanation for some of the implant restorations that are possible.

If you are missing one or more teeth, and wish to eat your favorite foods, increase your chewing ability, and improve your appearance, speech, and self-esteem, then you are a candidate for dental implants. Dr. Behn use the latest implant technology so you can smile again with confidence. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

Dental Implants

Dr. Behn thoroughly examine patients' existing teeth and bones, upper and lower jaws and gum tissues before recommending implants. Implants replace the roots of lost teeth and are inserted under the gums. After 3-6 months, the bones grow around and adapt to implants as if they were natural roots. Once the implants are firmly in place and the surrounding gum tissue is strong, they are ready to support a crown or restored tooth. When the process is completed, the "new" teeth are often hard to tell apart from a patient's original teeth.

Bone Grafts
If the implant site does not have enough bone volume to support the appropriate sized implant, you will need a bone graft. Bone loss can be the result from periodontal disease, injuries, cysts, infections or an extracted tooth. Normally, it can be determined if you will need a bone graft from your x-ray prior to surgery, but in some cases it is not discovered until opening the implant site.

Bone grafts are very safe and effective in the dental implant restoration. Once it is placed, it will help replace missing bone, stimulate bone formation and increase bone volume.

Dental implant patients experience the benefits of new and permanent teeth, as well as a renewed confidence and improved quality of life. Contact us for more information about Dental Implants.

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